About us

iSystem is an Apple Authorised Reseller dedicated to the sales and support of Macs, iPads, iPods and all Apple-supported accessories such as WACOM, LaCie, Speck, Incase, Beats by Dre and many others. As an Apple Authorised Reseller, iSystem offers a novel approach to customer service, which allows it to attract and retain customers as well as engage them in a better understanding of the Mac platform. It also offers many iSystem-exclusive features to customers such as various training programs, product engraving, flexible price ranges & premium high end accessories.
Hands on Experience:
At the iSystem showroom the shopping experience is simply better; you get hands-on experience of the products and see for yourself why Apple is superior and what it is all about. Our team will help you find the right product that meets your needs. They will also give you a full demonstration about the product and suggest the right accessories to go along with it, for example if you buy an iPod, we have a wide range of speakers, headphones, cases & other accessories that would go great with it, with a price range that would fit your budget.
Customer Care & the iSystemCare Protection Plan:
As an Apple Authrised Reseller, iSystem gives special attention to Customer Care & Support. Our team is ready to serve our customers, troubleshoot their problems and help them with any hardware or software issues. We are proud of the one-of-a-kind service center we have and we invest heavily in equipping our team with the latest certifications from Apple. We also do routine check-ups on our customers to make sure everything is going well with their iSystem devices.
As an added value iSystem offers its customers the iSystemCare Protection Plan which gives them access to service & Support from the people who know Apple products best. All Apple hardware comes with one-year warranty & up to 90 Days of complimentary telephone technical support. The iSystemCare protection plan is an extension of software support. This is very useful because Apple makes the hardware, Operating System & many of the applications, creating truly integrated products. Therefore our Apple Experts will be able to solve most of the problems after the first year warranty with a single telephone call under the iSystemCare protection Plan.
One&One Training and iSystem's Authorized Training Center:
One&One Training is another feature exclusively offered by iSystem in Jordan.  If you’re new to Mac and you’re looking to get more out of it, our team is ready to set up One&One sessions specifically for you to cover any topic about the Mac OS X, iLife or iWork. Whether you’re into music, photography, or film-making, they will find the right solution for you and train you to get the most out of it. They can also help you with your projects and getting them done the Mac way.
iSystem also has authorization to conduct courses and train individuals on many topics such as:
1- Cinema 4D Authorized Training.
2- Apple Authorized Training
3- Final Cut Professional Suite for Video Editing.
4- Adobe authorized Training center; an independent center without affiliation to any college.
The training center at iSystem is a shining model of independent certified training on many cousres. We not only offer the know-how about the subject we teach, we also help you utilize it to define your future career path.